As Dim In The Night, You Belong

by A Glow Has Drained From My Heart

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released January 12, 2013



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A Glow Has Drained From My Heart Muskegon, Michigan

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Track Name: A Twig
Watched in awe as a twig broke free. It made a friend on the way down... and another. Leaves decided on breaking free, too. "We Love you twig", the leaves shouted out. "We will always be here to let you know this", said the crowed of leaves. And the twig felt happy. But then a gust of wind came through, taking all the leaves away.
Track Name: Black Forest Wanderer
The moon cried, "the woods are red with the blood of a creature too small to feel my light". I'm Stretching my light, dead body. Arise and feel my love. You are not alone, I am the moon. Black forest wanderer, you will not stay dead here. The tree's embrace you, not to kill you but love you".
Track Name: As Dim In The Night
I am drifting in between the stars of space. My wand it's glowing. I try to understand my life before I die but i've lost so much blood. I feel your pain inside the dream machine.
Track Name: (Close Your Eyes)
(Person One) I had a nightmare. I died and no one could see me. There was nothing, it was black. (Person Two) I was in that nightmare and saw you. I brought light but buried it in my arms. The blood in my veins disappeared and then you disappeared... I want to wake up, this is not the dream I went to sleep for.
Track Name: Tablecloth Phantom
No one lives inside me.
Track Name: (Sinking)
I lost the world. It did not sink as planned but drifted. By the time I realized I was looking at the moon and it was not looking back, it was already morning. Looking up I see no one's face, I see me looking up.
Track Name: Invisible, A Voice
It is night, I hear your voice.
Track Name: You Belong
I buried myself deep into the ground because I wanted my garden to grow... and it grew. I felt safe and never wanted to leave again. Everything I wanted was in the dirt. But then it rained, the dirt became mud and I choked. My face turned pale and I died, alone.
Track Name: Weakling
Awaken, to you, what is light. In the darkest form, a shadow appears and appears to be polite. When a dove falls, lying still, it says, "awaken flightless dove, i've made a pair of wings for you". Unknown, dwelling in the corner of the room... The light is dim, almost nothing... And then you see it move.
Track Name: Dreamers Life
I'm leaving and leaping. My body will drown and I will float. I feel myself depart and become cold. I see earth and then I die. Dreamers Life.